Lantmännen Lantbruk and Maskin constitute the Agriculture Sector’s farm business in the Swedish market. Together we offer products and services for a strong and competitive Swedish agriculture business.

The Agriculture Sector is based in Sweden, but also has a strong position in the Baltic Sea region through international ownership interests. International partnerships in plant breeding and feed development bring new expertise and research which is utilized and then turned into products that are adapted to Swedish farming conditions.

Lantmännen Lantbruk - Sweden's largest agricultural operator

Research and innovation lies at Lantmännen Lantbruk warmly to the heart! Through our own processing operations, our own feed trials and collaborations with colleagues in the agribusiness market, we develop products and services that contribute to a competitive and sustainable agriculture business. In our plant breeding, we develop competitive varieties that later are used by our farmers. We provide all inputs needed for a successful and environmentally friendly cultivation. We buy the harvest from farmers and use it in our own feed production or it goes to Lantmännen's food production and for example becomes Kungsörnen's wheat flour and pasta or Axa's oatmeal. We are also large internationally and trades with cereals, oilseeds, peas and seeds with customers in many parts of the world. We are a large feed producing company that develop and sell feed for all farm animals.

Lantmännen Maskin AB – in all parts of Sweden

Lantmännen Maskin imports, markets and sells a carefully selected range of machines, spare parts and services to machine users in agriculture, forestry and contracting in the Swedish market. Some of our well-known brands are Valtra, Fendt, Väderstad and Kuhn. Lantmännen Maskin has over 50 own facilities where we provide spare parts and service in a nationwide network. Lantmännen Maskin is always close!

Other businesses in the Agriculture Sector

Close cooperation with selected players is an important part of our strategy to drive business development with the farmer in the center. The partnerships cover all parts of our business, ranging from feed development and digital services to grain trading and precision cultivation. The partnerships take place partly with external players but also through own and partly owned companies.

Lantmännen Agriculture Sweden

Lantmännen Agriculture Sweden offers a wide range of products for crop cultivation and animal production and is the market leader in the grain market through the purchase of grain, oilseeds, sorghum and grain which are sold on to grain dealers as well as Swedish and international industry.

Lantmännen takes responsibility from field to fork

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Owned by 18,000 Swedish farmers, we have 12,000 employees, operations in over 20 countries and an annual turnover of approximately SEK 70 billion. With grain at the heart of our operations, we refine arable land resources to make farming thrive. Some of our best-known food brands are AXA, Kungsörnen, Scan, GoGreen, FINN CRISP, Schulstad and Vaasan. Our company is founded on the knowledge and values acquired through generations of farmers. With research, development and operations throughout the value chain, together we take responsibility from field to fork. For more information: