Trading and offering grain at any time

Our risk management system offers our customers the opportunity to buy grain from us at any time, at either a flat rate or on a basis rate with subsequent fixed price.

The trading team at Lantmännen Lantbruk has many years’ experience of the international grain trade and is active on all major market places. Each day, we work with our network of market participants and offer our customers FOB or CIF via our chartering department. 

Our portfolio 

We market all of the grains commonly grown in Scandinavia. However, we concentrate in particular on the following grains:

Malting barley 

Swedish malting barley has a good reputation in the market and we devote a great deal of effort to maintaining and improving this. High test weights, good germination and clean products are some of the reasons for this positive reputation. We sell about 400 kt of malting barley annually.


Sweden has sizable oat production. Most of the oats are of milling quality with high test weights and large kernels and benefit from our focus on quality. Our own varieties developed for milling purposes enable us to supply our exacting customers.

Milling wheat

Despite being one of many northern countries producing milling wheat, Sweden and its farmers are able to produce a quality that is in great demand in many markets. Northern Africa and Spain are regular repeat buyers, appreciating the quality of Swedish milling wheat.

Feed wheat and triticale 

Since most of the grain produced in Sweden is of food and milling quality, we have a deficit of feed grains, especially in certain areas of Sweden. The Lantmännen Group has its own production of compound feed and bioethanol production consuming a total of 1 Mt of feed grain annually. We are a repeat importer of feed grain and are eager to expand our long-term sourcing partners.

We meet our customers' product and quality requirements

At Lantmännen Lantbruk, we have spent many years continuously developing our systems to achieve a high and consistent quality.

By keeping our grain farmers continuously updated regarding our customers’ requirements and opportunities for improvement in quality, we have established many skilled and well informed farmers in Sweden.

Quality controls ensure quality targets 

Before farmers deliver their goods to our silos, a sample is taken and analysed in our laboratory to determine the quality. In addition to our standard range of products, we offer our customers opportunities to develop customised products, which our farmers will then be contracted to grow. These customised products range from special varieties to documentation requirements, special quality controls and/or analysis requirements to ensure quality targets.

Established procedures 

Including sampling and analysis We also conduct ongoing product audits where we conduct analyses of pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals to ensure quality. We are ISO 90001, ISO 14001, ISO 16001 and GTP-certified. We have established procedures and are our staff undergo regular training to manage and ensure quality even in years when the weather is against us.

During the harvest in 2012, we took more than 2,000 rapid DON-analyses before the goods were dispatched. Sampling and analysis continues in silo facilities to ensure the quality in the respect of DON and other quality parameters.